Panorama One Day Tour

“Panorama one day tour is no hard enduro,
It’s just a clasic enduro sightseen tour”

We try to make each tour unique and memorable.

We want to show you as many natural beauties as we take trails of varying levels of difficulty.

Our most important mission is to enjoy the ride as much as we do.

Tour Pricing


(per pesrson)

With your bike



(per person)

With rented bike

Panorama one day tour Includes

Tour does not include

Basic rules for rented motorcycles:

if you break it you buy it my friend 😉

(minor scratches and damage are not charged

but in case of breakage and major damage you pay for repair)

Tour info

There are different options for a Panorama one day tour.

It makes a big difference to us whether you come alone or in a group.

Or whether you drive your own motorcycle or rent with us…

That’s why we present you options for a panorama one day tour with your own or rented motorcycle.

The panorama tour does not have to be a one day trip.

But there are many options for this, so we would like you to contact us to tailor the arrangement to your needs.

What do We Drive?

We try to buy new motorcycles every year.

Our motorcycles are KTM exclusively up to 3 years of age.

Mostly two-stroke 250-300 cc

Our place of stay is something else!

1 m
above sea level
1 %
pure nature
sunny days
1 %
adventure ready


If you are arriving by plane we will wait for you at the airport.

We can organize airport pick-up at four airports.

*click on airport to see on the map

Once you arrive...


Transport is carried out by a spacious air-conditioned vehicle.

After arriving at the accommodation we have plenty of time to prepare for the adventures of the following days.

Homemade dinner and welcome drink are of course understood during the introductions.

What is panorama one day tour?

Panorama one day tour is perfect for all those who love motorcycles but are not extreme in ednuro.

We try to ensure that our motorcycles are never older than three years and that they are absolutely technically correct. Having in mind the way of riding and the location where you ride, we consider it our obligation.

Our panorama one day tour includes everything you need for a unique adventure in one of the most beautiful places in Europe.

We go to the landmark of amazing landscapes, stop in several places for rest and enjoyment and go to a great restaurant for lunch.

Of course, the panorama one day tour does not have to be a one-day tour because we have excellent accommodation in nature on the Zlatar mountain where you can stay for a few days.

We can organize multi-day activities for you and your friends.

Contact us today and make an appointment on time.