Mountain Zlatar

Zlatar Mountain was proclaimed the Air Spa, according to the Decree of the Government of the Republic of Serbia. The name of this mountain summarizes all its features: fragrant meadows and clear lakes surrounded by foliage and birch trees, a combination of Mediterranean and mountain climates. According to research, it has the highest number of sunny days in Serbia, beneficial air enriched with turpentine and ozone, endless views.

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The morphology of mountain Zlatar, its climate and vegetation cover, that is, its authentic nature, make it a mountain of exceptional tourist value, on which sports-recreational, excursion, health-healing, hunting and rural tourism can develop.


Special advantages for tourism development are the proximity of the mountains Zlatibor and Tara, which are already among the most important tourist destinations in Serbia. Equally significant is the proximity of Nova Varoš municipality, which shares its natural resources and exceptional cultural heritage.



Mountain Zlatar, Pester, Mileševa monastery, Banja monastery, Davidovica monastery, log cabin churches, Sopotnica and others are outstanding tourist offer.


Cultural and historical monuments bear witness to the lives of the people of this region through the centuries and the presence of the Celts, Romans, Slavs and other peoples in this region. Nova Varoš was founded in the 16th century.

Uvac Lakes

The Uvac lakes (Uvacko, Zlatarsko and Radoinjsko) were formed on the Uvac river. The catchment area of the lake is 73km². Due to the exceptional value of water areas and coastal areas, the Government of the Republic of Serbia has declared this area a Special Nature Reserve Uvac.

Griffon vulture

Griffon Vulture is the largest bird in Serbia with a wingspan of about 2.80 m and an average weight of 7.5-8.5 kg, and can reach 11 kg. The Griffon Vulture is sociable, unlike other Western Palaearctic vultures. It nests in rock crevices, on shelves and cliffs, mostly between 500 and 1200 m above sea level.

Uvac Special Nature Reserve on mountain Zlatar

The Uvac Special Nature Reserve was created to conserve and reproduce griffon vultures and other significant species of birds, game and other wildlife.

Conditions for the resettlement of species of plants, fish and other animals that have disappeared from the area have been provided.

To preserve the diversity of flora, forest and other plant communities. Also, to preserve relief and water features and speleological and other values of geo-heritage.

To preserve and improve the natural factors of the environment, primarily the quality of water and soil.

To preserve the beauty and diversity of the landscape and create conditions for the sustainable use and planning of the protected area in the interest of science, education, culture, recreation and eco-tourism.


The central morphological unit of the reserve is the canyon valley of the Uvac River with its tributary valleys.

The larger right tributaries of Uvac are Vapa, Kladnička reka, Vrševina and Tisovica, while the left tributaries are Čajak, Veljušnica and Zlošnica.

The special value of the canyon parts of the valley are the meanders. Three locations of clamped meanders stand out.

The first, very impressive zone of these meanders is located upstream of the mouth of Veljušnica in the limestone zone of Lopiz. In this section, individual meanders have a meandering angle of 270 degrees, and the relative height of the meandering cape is up to 100 m.

The second and third zones of less pronounced interbedded meanders refer to the area between Uvac (Sjenica) and Zlatar Lake and the area upstream of Radoinj Lake.

Uvac’s clamped meanders are in the inventory of geomorphological objects of Serbia’s geo-heritage.